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Happy New Year 2019

31, December

We want to wish you all a happy new year 2019!! 
Specially, if you are reading this, because being written after such a long text, it means you really appreciate us and want to share with us our musical journey :). For this, and for being always supporting us, thanks a lot!

In the text we shared above in spanish -probably the translation tool in facebook has already done its job- we are remembering all the special moments we lived in this 2018.

It was a very intense, and remarkable year for us, because we could realize a lot of personal projects: for instance, the release of our first CD ‘Turina x Turina’, or our first pedagogical experience giving lessons as a quintet to another student’s quintet in the Youth National Orchestra of Spain.

But, also, we lived two major moments in our personal lives: the wedding of our flutist Frederic and Elia and the birth of the wonderful Adriana, daughter of our oboist Maria Alba and our hornist Antonio!

We would like to share our love and our best wishes with all of you!!!